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What is the Student and Family Advocate (SFA) Program?

The Student and Family Advocate Program (SFA) is a Black community based program designed to support Black families and students as they engage with the education system. 

There are 17 Black led organizations with SFAs across Ontario.

The SFA program is  ‘Systems Navigation’ by another name. We are your village

No matter what type of support you need we’ll stand beside you as you engage with your child’s school.  

As SFAs we also acknowledge, understand, and address Anti-Black Racism and its impacts on Black families and students through advocacy, accountability and action for transformational change.



Black advocates who understand the way Black/African, African Caribbean, African Canadian, Afro-Lantinx families are impacted by the education system. 



Located in Black led agencies and organizations across Ontario and available to help you!


Transformational Change

Transformational Change

Your support system. We will stand beside you, attend meetings with you, help you draft letters, ensure accountability for your children, as you interact with the school system.

When should you contact a Student and Family Advocate?

You can contact us for any reason and for any type of support you need with your child’s school (or any other system).  You can also contact us in cases of Anti-Black racism.

What should you know about Anti-Black racism in the education system?

Anti-Black racism can take many different forms in the education system.  It can be subtle, like a teacher consistently sending notes home about your child, or it can be direct like your child being racially bullied or beat up because of their race.  Here are some questions to consider when deciding if you should reach out to a Student and Family Advocate:

Do you have questions about the way school works for your child?

Do you feel your child isn't being treated fairly at school?

Are you receiving frequent notes home from school about your child?

Is your child in a special program or on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that you have questions about?

Is your child being bullied or experiencing racism from other students?

No matter what support your need. Contact us for help!

What Happens When You Contact a Student and Family Advocate?



Step One:

Find the Student and Family Advocate for your region



Step Two:

You may be asked to complete an intake form (each SFA organization is a little different)


Step Three:

Someone will contact you to talk about what your child or your family is experiencing. They’ll create a plan of action and will work to wrap around and support you.