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Systems Abuse

Learn more about your child’s basic rights and how to combat exploitation and violation. 

Freedom of Information Request

As a parent, you deserve to know all information regarding your child within their school life. Learn more about a Freedom of Information Request. Your child’s student record is your business! 

Racial Trauma

What is racial trauma? and is your child experiencing it? Racism is violent and traumatic, learn here how to recognize it. 

When should you contact a Student and Family Advocate?

You can contact us for any reason and for any type of support you need with your child’s school (or any other system).  You can also contact us in cases of Anti-Black racism.

What should you know about Anti-Black racism in the education system?

Anti-Black racism can take many different forms in the education system.  It can be subtle, like a teacher consistently sending notes home about your child, or it can be direct like your child being racially bullied or beat up because of their race.  Here are some questions to consider when deciding if you should reach out to a Student and Family Advocate:

Do you have questions about the way school works for your child?

Do you feel your child isn't being treated fairly at school?

Are you receiving frequent notes home from school about your child?

Is your child in a special program or on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that you have questions about?

Is your child being bullied or experiencing racism from other students?

No matter what support your need. Contact us for help!